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twilight moment by syncretism twilight moment :iconsyncretism:syncretism 167 117
Summer Rain - for Jen
Summer Rain
Summer storms can spoil the day
Treasured moments tarnished
Lightning has struck, thunder rolls
Choking smoke clouds the sky
Suffocating, blind and lost
Weakened cries go unheard
Alone amidst the raging storm
Smoke blankets all in darkness
Summer rain splashes down
Beating dust to muck
Rivers swell, bursting dams
A flood is issued forth
Rampaging fires are dampened
The smoke soon clears from the air
Embrace the rain release the pain
The storm will be done in time
:icondr-d:dr-d 1 7
Koeberg by ash Koeberg :iconash:ash 7 26 Penrhyn Meadow by ash Penrhyn Meadow :iconash:ash 1 12 wet leaves 1 by vieoray wet leaves 1 :iconvieoray:vieoray 1 2
intercoursing adventure
`intercoursing adventure`
sun peeks through
sprinkles of auburn adventure
drifting upon clouds and
carrying him
into journey's
to his left snakes
lead the way over
banks unknown
on his right
sunflower vegetation
beckoning in spiral
sitting in the sun
breathing cactus
floating to the right
left and up
the hills lead
his soul
birds sing
awaken the mind
listen to paths
following the lead
nature's beckon
easing in; up an down
she twirls
together they sing
and follow the pearl
a dove lights
upon the feathers
soft trails pulling
he moves forward
he will feel her
every moment crunching
under his feet
watching the paw a beaver
the fins of trout jumping
glaze the sky
he will touch her
forward she leads
deeper he falls
into forests
dark nobles smirk
a fruit tree
in the center
eat me
sweet juice
cover emulsified
buds of taste
pliable sharp textures
rip trails oblivious
in dependence
he falls
breathless from taste
he cries for more
entrap me in her
love and sing to me
:iconfiddl3r:fiddl3r 4 7
Untitled dreaming by matic Untitled dreaming :iconmatic:matic 5 10 Insight by matic Insight :iconmatic:matic 4 11 Silent at Dusk by ash Silent at Dusk :iconash:ash 3 14 Digitalis Celestial skin by bloodfly Digitalis Celestial skin :iconbloodfly:bloodfly 10 13
roots. emulation.
blue sail blue sky
third stage rocketship downtown
a fifteen-layer disguise, one heartbeat monitor
thunder in the windowstruck
downlike a pulse tube
black sail blue sky
helicopter stun ray; fleeting,
fleeting. ever present in the
ever stone in the green room, what if she...?
starsick, nausea.
it's a windowseat home
far below
far below the glassbirds
far below the glass
she reads outloud in a garden
she reads her dragonfly
if she looks up; c
I'm in the sky like the speedofLight
thunder. bird.
blue sail black sky
neon glow worm: superhot, superdense.
I'm massive, star child. massivelike the sea. I'm a blackhole.
water all
water all around the world
over you over me.
see on, it's narrower toward...
fear of falling.
a sudden
a sudden flash of fire in the sky
final [break left]
re-entry [break left]
vectorset and holding
she breaks orbit/higher ground
it's a snow
:iconfrail:frail 7 23
softly white
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp`softly
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp white`
sitting alone in this forest
of cedar noble and birch
gazing eyes view a landscape
of cold seclusion
&nbsp peaceful flowered meadows
&nbsp embracing eyes no more
&nbsp gone are streams of promise
&nbsp who sang a friendship lore
now breathe i in a forest
transfixed with fruitless quiet
air though sweet with sun
is sharp and cold this night
&nbsp how long will i sit here?
the snow is falling now
on trees who cannot shade
a weak, empty body
under flocks of tired bough
&nbsp softly white, these whispers
&nbsp fall from sky and tree
&nbsp whispers of unborn question
&nbsp falling down through me
how long will i sit here
through sovereign journeys plight
how long will sit i frozen
in lonely, cold...white
`s. friesen
:iconfiddl3r:fiddl3r 3 9
Digitalis Fairy skin by bloodfly Digitalis Fairy skin :iconbloodfly:bloodfly 13 28
one last "kiss you"
two ships of the morning sail in the wind
one heart
one heart
she looks off to the horizon; he stares at the floor
(the sunrise is beautiful)
a static hum of indifference; a stereo feel,
two points collide in space.  angel sweep your wings; you're a satellite song.  if not for these farthest reaches, if not for the calm of a south wind in your voice:  sing to the stars, fragile one
she's a fixed point in the distance.
he's southeast of her light.
it's being pulled away from home that kills you, being locked in a tin can hurtling through the stars. you fold space like a warmblanket and cover, just enough to reflect:  late afternoon.  the haze of lower atmosphere, the mayflies dance over the tallgrass
it's the warm sand in the early summer moon-light
it's the willow tree and the distant crash of waves, the
midnight blue of a sudden storm, a final goodbye...
-- subatomy --
rocket from the sea
:iconfrail:frail 18 41
The Last Dream by pretorian The Last Dream :iconpretorian:pretorian 9 9 BlueFire by jdoggity BlueFire :iconjdoggity:jdoggity 4 3




signing off.


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